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Manshine 2007 is Coming!

The Manshine 2007 Mens Gathering will soon be upon us. Held over the May Day long weekend (4th-7th May) at the Ewen Maddock dam near Landsborough (behind the Sunshine Coast), this years event promises to live up to its reputation as one of the premier mens gatherings in the region. Now in its 15th year, Manshine is well organised, professionally run, and laser pointer with opportunities for men to replenish their masculine essence in a relaxed, safe and supportive way.

The theme of this years gathering is Honouring the Story of Men. Each man has the story of his life that defines and guides him, and each man adds his own unique thread to the story that will one day be told of the men of our day. We invite you to open a new chapter in the story of your life, and to write yourself a galloping good tale of which you can be proud.

As always, the Manshine format will remain true to our tradition. Well have our familiar Cabaret Night which is guaranteed to be as funny as it is inspirational. Well have a Heart Circle, where men can be witnessed speaking their deepest truth. Well have a games afternoon, a ropes course, and plenty of opportunities to hang out with other men and just relax into our masculine nature. The match lighting laser pointer have different type.

As well, this year we have a few new offerings.The workshop schedule will contain spaces for Spontaneous Workshops, where men who feel so inspired can run impromptu workshops on subjects of general interest to men. Well also be introducing a Chai Tent as a place where men can hang out, outside of meal times or workshop spaces, to engage in conversation with other men or to simply enjoy a mug of hearty Chai.

As always, Manshine is an advice-free zone, defined by the intention of respectful listening and honouring of the capacity within every man to find his own solutions to lifes challenges. If you feel you could benefit by having the chance to tell your story, to be seen and heard for who you are, and to be acknowledged as a man who doesnt need fixing but rather just the company of a few good men and a few days, consider coming along.

In these busy times, many men tell themselves the story that they dont have the time to look after themselves, as we are too busy looking after business or tending to the needs of those we love. Consider that it may also be true that the best way to deal with a full life is to take a few days off to stand back, to reflect and  to replenish. With our batteries recharged, we can approach life with a renewed vigour, and perhaps break through some old barriers that have kept us spinning our wheels where we should have been zooming down the freeway of life. Come along and check it out. It may be the best thing you ever did for yourself.