Growing Up Male

Iris Pictures and SBS TV are planning to produce three one hour documentaries exploring the major life stages,transitions and experiences in boys and mens lives in Australia. The series is called Growing Up Male. and they are looking for a range of men to feature in the series.

The story of Growing up Male in Australia will be told through in-depth and honest interviews with a wide variety of boys and men.
Originally the series was to focus on older fathers, but has now been expanded to look into a much broader range of the experiences of men in our culture. Do any of the following describe some part of your journey as a man?
a) A father of any age (married or single) who is going through a few power struggles with a teenage son or sons. Preferably based in NSW or Qld.
b) A teenage boy who has become a father unexpectedly.
c) Men who are mentoring boys other than their own sons.
d) A father who has sole or joint custody of young children under 4 yrs of age.
e) A man who is about to become a father for the first time. (Before end of April)
f) An older man and woman who found love later in life, after the age of 65. Perhaps they are still dating and getting to know each other.
g) A man who is downsizing, making a life change to have a better quality of life and to spend more time with his kids.
h) A man who has just been made redundant
i) A man who is about to retire.
j) A man who is struggling with his health or who had a health scare but is OK now.
k) A man who is or has experienced a mid-life crisis
l) A car mad family where there is a teenage son who has just got his licence or is about to.

Iris Pictures is an award winning documentary company who specialise in intimate social documentaries mostly screened on SBS and ABC TV. Our ambition is to reveal unique insights about our common humanity in a sensitive and respectful way.