Men’s Business is Booming

If mens wellbeing were listed on the stockmarket, we have little doubt every analyst would recommend to BUY.  Our stock of initiatives that serve the wellbeing of men is steadily growing and reaching more and more men. As the President, I am please to report that the association has numerous, truly exciting initiatives underway. We anticipate that the coming year to be a watershed in our efforts to cement the association in the mainstream of our community, and make a positive impact on the lives of many more men,  and indirectly, their partners and families.

First of all I wish to thank you for the response to our call for assistance in filling vacancies on the leadership team. It looks like the three vacancies will be filled in the next few months. This is important, as it gives a diversity opinion in our decision making

At our visioning weekend in December last year, we decided that the growth and future of the association very much depends on our Common Ground program.  Important as the gatherings, Manshine and Manhood, are to our financial laser pen, they are limited in the number we can market each year. The potential of Common Ground is almost limitless. I know how much pent-up demand there is for these programs just by the phone enquiries we get from government departments and community-based organisations. To this end we are overhauling our Common Ground training program and streamlining entrance to men with prior facilitation experience. The next facilitator training program intensive will be from March 8-11th at the Worldview Centre in Maleny, and I urge you to register your interest if you want to partake in this most rewarding program for men in need and for yourself personally.

Manshine, held on the Labour Day long weekend (May 4-7th) on the Sunshine Coast, once again promises to be a block-buster of mens work! If the attendance at Manhood last year is any indication, it will be a sell-out. You can find information on elsewhere on this site, or click here to send an email to the Manshine coordinator.

Men and their families who stay at The Rock Bush Retreat at Mt Byron, continue to rave about the tranquil and beautiful facility we are developing in conjunction with the Pathways to Manhood program. The next working bee will be over the weekend of March 25-26th, and men are still needed to assist in this great work. If you have trade skills or just keen to contribute.

Pathways to Manhood are conducting two of their award-winning programs this year (in April and August) for boys aged 12 -15 years and their fathers or male mentors. Mothers are also involved in pre and post-camp meetings, which has proven to be a key element for boys to make a successful transition into manhood. if you have a boy in that age group, i would highly recommend their program. More information on their program can be found elsewhere on this website.

On the national scene, the Australasian Mens Health Form, of which I am vice-president, is organising the 7th National Mens Health Conference in Adelaide in October this year. Although it is of most interest to practitioners, health administrators and academics, we are striving to make it more consumer-friendly. Details will be published on the website in the near future. I would love to see a strong representation from Queensland at this event.

In closing, I would like to share an experience my wife, Maureen, and I had in January. We decided to invite family and friends to a ‘Lunch on the Lawn at our home in Montville. There was reason to celebrate some life milestones but generally we just wanted to  celebrate life. We were thrilled and emotionally overcome by the tributes to both of us from our five grown children and from our friends. As I remarked later, it was good to hear this while alive and not at our funeral! Although it can still be hard for a man to say “I love you” to your sons and daughters, create the occasion where this can happen! So I urge you to make the effort to celebrate your life and family now – dont put it off.